Telling Stories, Three-to-Nine

I'm an unlikely candidate for interesting and intrepid blogger.

After all, I'm just your average undergrad trying to make his way through life. I don't live under any strange circumstances - that is, if the world we live in is not "strange." I'm not famous. But I've always found people interesting, even (especially?) the ordinary ones. You don't have to be a celebrity or work a hazardous job to have that quality. Everyone has a background, a history, and a story to tell.

As for me, I'm a Thai-American. I want to preserve the old ways of my people. I'm an English major. I pause to savor beautiful language. I'm a homosexual. Guys are trouble. I'm all these things - and more. And I have stories to tell.

So, why "Three-to-Nine"?

In astrology, the language of celestial symbolism, the sky is divided into twelve parts called "houses." Lying directly across from each other, the Third and Ninth Houses form a natural pair.

The Third rules daily activities, the acquisition of information, and the process of communicating it. Here, we immerse ourselves in our immediate surroundings. We respond to its constant stream of mental stimuli.

In the Ninth, we step away from our localized settings to gain a broader perspective. Here, we look for patterns in our daily experiences. We see where they fit into the Bigger Picture. We publish our Third House writings for a wider audience.

In the Third, we record our daily experiences; in the Ninth, we give them meaning.

So here I am. Welcome.

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thetbones said...

"Language, when utilized correctly, can be as intimate and meaningful as a waltz."

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