Boys and Balls (Part II)

I spotted Prince Charming having dinner in the cafeteria yesterday. I was sitting in another section though, so he never saw me, and of course I was too nervous to go say anything. (Well, actually, I've been under the impression he's not altogether interested in getting to know each other, so I decided to make myself scarce.)

Immediately after dinner, I went upstairs to a friend's room and checked my Facebook. Prince Charming had written on my wall. He said:

"So you told me I would see you in the dorms a lot. I think you lied, because I have yet to see you!"

Oh, the irony. This could only happen to me.

I think I'm supposed to learn something from this. Like how I should just say hi next time, or not let fear of rejection keep me from making new friends.

* * * * *

It also occurred to me that, since the link to this blog is available on my Facebook page, Prince Charming could conceivably be reading this post right now. He could be pointing at the screen and laughing. He could even be a little perturbed I call him "Prince Charming" - I mean, how creepy is that?

But I hope that's not the case. I hope he thinks it's cute and flattering and maybe he wants to take me up on hanging out sometime. And then maybe I could explain myself. Maybe.


Schyler said...

Awww! That's so horrible! I would probably do the same thing, though... I'm so socially awkward. Do you think maybe he sent that because he saw you avoid him? Maybe I shouldn't put paranoid thoughts into your head...haha

Best Fiction said...

Oh don't worry, I already considered that myself. I'd like to believe it's not some sort of cruel joke!

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