Hello, Twenties

Hey everyone,

I've been settled at my new place for almost a week now, and finally got wireless up and running this morning. It was actually a simple procedure, but I'm rather proud of myself. Last time I tried hooking up my Macbook to the home network, I ended up crashing the system. Someone had to come fix it. I was worried I'd have a repeat, but things went by without a glitch.

I have to say the condo is nice, the kitchen especially - so much wider and newer than the one at home, and there's so much storage and preparation space. For someone who's always cooking, it's awesome to have. The area I live in itself isn't so great - people raise their eyebrows when I name the intersection - but my side of the block is alright, and the people who lived here before us said they never had any problems.

My room mate - who, despite what everyone automatically assumes, is not gay - is a really nice guy. Yesterday he bought me a bottle of Grey Goose for my birthday, which was a surprise, especially since I myself was not planning on celebrating this weekend.

My birthday seems to have fallen on bad timing this year. I was sick earlier this week and wasn't sure if I'd even be free this weekend until yesterday (I have a term paper due Monday morning). I had envisioned hitting the bars and letting guys buy me drinks (ha), but not enough of my friends have fake IDs, and the ones that do are either busy or sick.

However, my friend Raj did have a little get-together last night at his new place. I ended up falling asleep in someone's bed rather early though, which I don't quite understand because I wasn't all that drunk. But it was fun while I was conscious! Last night was the nicest weather we've had all week: it was warm, completely calm, and without a cloud in the sky. We drank on the balcony underneath an (almost) full moon. Nothing big, but not a bad way to welcome my twenties either.

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Luuworld said...

happy belated birthday! hope this will be the best year so far in your life! :-D

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