Spot the Minority

Sometimes being gay and Asian means a lot of nights watching white boys neck each other.

Went to a small get-together of gay guys tonight, most of whom I did not know. Of the two that were my friends, one was on a date and brought the day's catch with him.

As if the cards weren't already stacked against me, I came down with strep throat earlier this week and my doctor gave me a ten-day antibiotic regimen. That means I couldn't drink and had to sit out an hour-long game of Kings.

And then they played Spin-the-Bottle. Spin-the-fucking-bottle. Of all the things they could have done, they chose a blow-back from middle school that I thought people only played in sorority movies - and the most painfully exclusive, ostracizing game anyone at a party can hope to be left out of.

"Are you playing?" one of them asked.

"Sorry, I'm sick," I said, thinking I wouldn't want to kiss any of them anyways. (Not entirely true, but I was full of righteous indignation.)

"Okay, the Asian's not playing," said the guy holding the bottle.

Excuse me? The nerve of that guy - I don't care if he didn't mean anything by it; you don't go referring to people by their races in earshot - that's just rude.

I spent the next hour watching these guys go from cheek to lips to open mouth and tongue, and then eventually to ass-grabbing and against-the-wall. Mike, my friend with the date, kept encouraging me to play, but there was no way I'd kiss someone with a throat infection this bad. That is common courtesy, something at least one of these guys didn't seem to understand.

I ended up leaving early; one friend, the one I'd driven there, decided to crash, and Mike was leaving with his Catch . I can hear the snide remarks already: as soon as the door closed shut, the bottle-holder says, "I'm glad that Asian was sick and didn't play," as everyone nods approvingly.

When did Spot the Minority become a party game?


X said...

It's cool -- they sound like assholes anyway, so go find actual decent guys. Life's not fair like that to dump jerks everywhere, but you try your best anyway.

at least there was no oral herpes spread!

barney. said...

those guys sound like 'jerks' as you americans say :P
why do you want to be part of that 'world' anyway? go and find someone worthy of your company (i realize that sounds a bit sarcastic, but i swear i don't mean it... i think you know that) x

letopho said...

blah. I'm sorry you had to deal with that junk.

Best Fiction said...

Thanks, guys. I wrote this post when I got back from that disaster of a party, so it's very angsty. Over it, though.

Alex C. said...

That is terrible! We also have a terrible case of SF white gays who are all alike and only date each other.

I am enjoying reading your blog. Keep it up!


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