When It Rains...

...it pours. Men, that is.

In the past week, I have

1) been asked out by an acquaintance...and botched things with him....
2) because I kissed a guy I used to talk to in front of him. (It was insensitive, but not entirely wrong of me.)
3) had a third person develop feelings for me.
4) was contacted by the guy from this post after not expecting to hear from him again.

Where is all this coming from? At this rate I'll have to change what I tell people about my love life ("Nothing goes on, I promise you" :P). Luckily this type of thing couldn't possibly last much longer: all this activity is really abnormal for me and, honestly, not a whole lot of fun. I'm pretty drained. Guys, please, take a number.

I'm really satisfied with #4, though. I'm glad we could talk about what happened between us after all this time. I feel like some bad karma's been lifted. Now I'm really on a clean slate where guys are concerned for the new year. And if the first week is any indicator, this year might be a lot busier than expected...or than is really desirable. Time will tell!


Alex C. said...

It's great to have prospects. Good luck and keep us up to date.


thwany said...

hope you have a sturdy man-umbrella (...ella)

Best Fiction said...
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