Where's Your Daddy?

Don't worry: I haven't developed a fetish for older men. That's a subset of gay culture I've never participated in. But, there are two celebrity DILFs I'd go for - and one of them might surprise you.

1). Christoper Meloni - Law & Order DILF
What a hunk. Manly, broad-shouldered, wide-chested - yep, Detective Stabler could feel me for weapons, handcuff me, and take me downtown anytime.

2). Nigel Marvin - Animal Planet DILF
Don't laugh at me - I am completely serious. Nigel Marvin is adorable. I think it's because he's a zoological dork. Or his British accent. Plus he's always running through savanna and scuba-diving with sharks, so you know he's in great shape.


Alex C. said...

Um...wow...interesting choices.


Gauss Jordan said...

Really? Interesting. I'm more of a Clooney sort of guy, if I have to go older.

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