Will I Get the Internship?

Most people know I made fortunetelling a hobby years ago, but I don't read very often and seldom post about it when I do, since I don't think many people would find it interesting. However, seeing as how I've done nothing but homework this weekend - this entire break, really - and have some free time now, I thought this reading would be fun.

I interviewed last week for a paid summer internship at a pretty cool organization here in Chicago. They told me I should know by the end of the week whether or not I got the job, so I figured this is the perfect time to put prediction to the test.

Unfortunately I tried using a different technique for laying out the cards today and kept getting really strange answers. You'll find readings have a strange way of validating themselves - of saying, "Hey, you screwed up," when nothing makes sense. I did this twice before reshuffling and doing things my usual way - which, actually, isn't terribly advisable. You're never supposed to "force" readings when they don't happen, but I was indignant and really wanted to know if I'll get the job or not. So, here are the results, however botched they may be:

1) Nine of Spades: "The Anchor"
2) Jack of Spades: "The Child"
3) Six of Hearts: "The Star"
4) Queen of Spades: "The Bouquet"

(The Nine of Spades represents employment, and in this case has no bearing on the reading; I chose it to establish the context for the other cards. I can't seem to read using other techniques which let the cards fall at random. Anyway...)

No matter how you combine the cards, the interpretation is positive. The Child means new beginnings and can suggest entree-level positions, training, and development. The Stars and The Bouquet suggest good luck in general; more specifically The Star represents hopes and wishes, while The Bouquet brings pleasant events and even gifts (getting hired really would be a gift!).

I should note that considerably less fortunate cards appeared in the two failed readings prior to this one. However, I've felt good about the odds so far, so if this reading captures anything accurately, it's my positive expectations - which may or may not bear fruit. Guess I'll know by the end of the week - stay tuned and wish me luck!

(And don't laugh at me if this reading was a failure, I clearly described what I was up against!)

EDIT: (03/31) Got a phone call today - they want me for the internship! I start as soon as the semester ends, so in about a month! :D


Gauss Jordan said...

Good luck? ;-)

Anonymous said...

If you have time amidst the internship that you hopefully will get this summer, you must teach me to read cards.

Rob said...

Great! Congrats!

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