Finals Week Blues

Hm, my readership's dropped significantly in the past two months.

...but I suppose that's natural, since I haven't been writing much of anything lately, much less anything interesting.

I do have a very feisty post in the works concerning an unfortunate racial remark I had directed at me the other week, but I'm so swamped with final papers and exams I won't be able to tackle it for some time. That's a good thing, however, since I have time to collect my thoughts instead of just ranting. It's really something that has to be understood from a collective level and not as an isolated incident. In the meantime though, I have more than enough writing to do: two more papers and I'll be home free.

At the same time, the end of this school year is, though much anticipated, also bittersweet. A lot of the friends I started freshman year with are graduating and moving to grad school, including some really close ones. Most of them are staying in the area, but it's amazing three years have gone by, a reminder that I am, in fact, growing up. Seems like all I obsess about nowadays are my post-undergraduate plans, and I still have a year left.

Nevertheless, I'm expecting a fun summer: I'll be living and working downtown, turning 21, and not taking any summer courses for once.

In other news, I'm so proud of my friends from Mahidol International College for participating in the "Pink Shirt" protests in Bangkok. Not affiliated with any political group, they're just average Thai citizens calling for an end to the violence that's dogged Thailand lately.

You tell them, girls! Maybe I'll get to join you in a few months...but hopefully this chaos will be resolved soon, and peacefully. I'm pretty impressed by the artwork that's emerged through the politics. I want to blow this picture up and frame it in my room:

Anyway, my Honors seminar was rescheduled from 3 PM Monday to 9 in the morning tomorrow, so I should crash. I'm a little peeved I took the course; I didn't need to, but did it for a friend, and as a result have looked at it as busy work all semester. But since it's only an hour long, it's really the last of my worries this finals week...

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