New Blog: Let's Talk Politics

I've never been a very politically-minded person, but if anyone's been to this site lately, he'll notice I've been writing more and more about the political situation in Thailand - something which worries me a lot.

Maybe I need to take a break from news reports, but lately the goings-on back home have seeped into my daily life, filling it with discomfort and anxiety - and the desire to speak out about the topic.

To that end, let me introduce to you my new blog, Land of Smiles, which, at the very least, exists as a place for me to vent my thoughts and feelings before I lose my mind.

As I write in my first post, this blog is "an attempt to make sense of Thailand’s political turmoil, as well as to document the experiences of the Thai American community in Chicago as their homeland is in the grips of this mass unrest."

If the matter interests you, check it out and feel free to engage with me on the subject. If you have Thai American friends who are also concerned about what's happening, please shoot them the link. I feel like there's a lot of discordant information out there, and I'd like to process it with other concerned, conscientious people.


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