New Housing?

Besides finals, for a lot of my friends the end of the semester also means changes in housing.

Since my lease is up in October, I'm on a rather strange timetable compared to everyone else. The plan was that, since I'll be done with school next June and moving on to other things, it doesn't make sense to renew my lease in the city for another year. Instead, I'm supposed to move in with my mom for the remainder of senior year and spend October 2010 - June 2011 at home. It's the financially conservative decision, if not the most fun.

However, a group of my friends are looking to renew their apartment for next year and need another room mate. If I signed with them I would have a place from June-June, the time slot I need, with the added bonus that I love their place and crash there almost once a week already.

Actually, this new option makes a lot of sense, because my current room mate has a cousin who wants to take my spot and it's awkward for him to wait till October to do so. If I moved out in June (or even in August, which is possible), he would be here for fall semester, I would have a place in the city for the time I need, and everyone (except maybe my mother) would be happy.

Trouble is, there's a lot of moving pieces, not least of which is convincing my mom to fund another apartment. If we're concerned about the cousin moving in by fall semester, the financially sound decision would be to move me home in August without any talk of a different apartment. Charging "The House" to represent my living situation, I did a quick reading:

Bear + Gentleman + Flowers + House + Cavalier + Key + Tree

Bear + Gentleman = A man who's not in complete control of his life, who owes financial considerations to another person.
Bear + Gentleman + Flowers = A man caught between financial responsibilities (The Bear) and social desires (The Flowers).

I think this aptly describes my situation, since I'm really under the financial jurisdiction of my mother at the moment. Even though I realize living with her is the practical thing to do, nevertheless I want to stay in the city with friends.

House + Cavalier + Key = The Cavalier means "movement" and the Key says, "Yes!" so it seems like some sort of change is inevitable that was not part of the original"stay till October" plan.

Key + Tree = The Tree as the final card makes me think the chances of moving with my friends are unlikely. The Tree is about stability, putting down roots, and long-term considerations. This seems to go against moving anywhere else but home, since getting another temporary lease is volatile and unstable. Or does it mean I'll finally find a plan and stick to it?

There's something to be said about doing simpler, more straightforward readings in the future. In any case, I'll discuss my options with my current room mate and with my mother as well.

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