BoA Kwon - Energetic PV

I’m glad Korean popstar BoA Kwon’s American debut is doing well enough to merit another music video. Unfortunately, the song they chose - “Energetic” - is my least favorite track off the album. The title is somewhat misleading. For what’s supposed to be a high-energy club track, the song is rather slow and repetitive, with the chorus droning monotonously in the background like a robot (“I’m feeling so energetic, / Don’t think y’all will ever get it”). She looks great though - I’m liking the bejeweled look! (What’s that sparkly thing she’s holding? A flask? A dragon’s egg???)

It seems the album’s doing well enough to get a re-release in September, according to this interview. There’ll be at least one new song on it, presumably produced by Sean Garrett, the same man behind “Energetic” and her earlier, better release, “I Did It for Love.”

In fact, I’m sure these songs were chosen as singles because they had the “star” factor: Sean Garrett already has street-cred in the music scene. Otherwise, I would have chosen “Obsessed” or “Touched” instead!

All the same, I’ll probably buy the re-packaged album to show my support. We need Asian performers in the United States!

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Anonymous said...

It is good for her status that another video is being made, i was very suprised when I learned about it, and rushed to watch it.
Except I'm the oposite. I thought Energetic was the most catchy song on her album (perhaps not the best, maybe the best for me (music wise) was Scream)

After I saw the fan made music video for Energetic by PureDragon54 on youtube, I loved the song. And I have to disagree with your comment of the song being slow. I love freestyling to this song, and I can always find a dance move to fit in every spot of the tempo.
But it is repetitive, and that's annoying. So, i was suprised the hear that she added a third verse?

haha, so much freakin' jewelry! Who's goes in a club like that? lol
Still, she looks beautiful in the video, and i'm always impressed by her dancing, regardless.

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