Total Eclipse...of the Heart

Everyone’s buzzing about today’s solar eclipse - apparently, the longest eclipse of the century.

In my astrological circles, people are cashing in their interpretations of the event. (See here and here.) “How’s the eclipse effecting you?” is the hot topic.

If I were to get into this discussion:

The eclipse fell within a degree of my natal Moon. They say transits to the Moon correlate with domestic issues, or matters concerning one’s mother. Today was the first time my mother and I have gone home together since she split up with my dad earlier this year, and since her and I both moved to the city. It wasn’t momentous. She grabbed a few more of her things, and I blogged. Dad wasn’t home.

She just called to relay this bit of news to me, though:

Mother: I just spoke with [a mutual friend] a bit ago, and guess what she told me? Apparently your father went to chat with her today. Said he knows I’m staying around [Town X] from checking my receipts - where I’m buying groceries, where I’m getting my nails done. He’s been snooping around again. I thought this craziness was over.

Eclipses occur at new moons, which are about new beginnings. But some of us have more trouble starting over than others…


The Moon also stirs our subconscious minds. I woke up this morning - or, half-woke - dreaming I heard my father’s voice. He doesn’t actually know where I’m living now: Mother and I figured we’d tell him after the mourning stage is complete, or else he’d be here all the time, pining away for reconcilement. Nevertheless, I lay in bed for while, trying to discern if the voice was real…


Rob said...

I just went through your posts on the family tag. It's always painful to be stuck in the middle of a family breakdown. It's one of those experiences where one has a big stake on the outcome but little influence on the proceedings. Big hug.

Best Fiction said...

@ Rob - I'm very late on responding to this, but thanks for the encouragement. Return hug.

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