The Return of Prince Charming

Remember Prince Charming? He and I have been hanging out lately, and I've got to say I'm surprised how much we have in common. At the very least, I don't know anyone else who gets quite as excited about Mesopotamian artifacts, or who can discuss the Aeneid, Book IV, having read it in Latin. Gay and nerdy: just the kind of friend I need.

I remember how intimidated I was when we first met. Approaching cute guys is not my strong point. Just goes to show, you miss out on some pretty cool people when if you let looks decide everything.


On a completely unrelated note, I took my first Chem exam yesterday. The grade? A whopping sixty-five percent. My room mate suggests dropping the class for now and taking it at a junior college later if I decide to try nursing again. Other people are convinced I can still pull off a B. I'm not quite so sure. Decisions, decisions...


Luuworld said...

how fun and exciting to have a prince charming in your life! :-D

Best Fiction said...
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Miles said...

I totally know who "Prince Charming" is, lol.

-Miles (from Prince Charming's party)

Best Fiction said...

LoL, oh dear, don't get any ideas, Miles! He has that name partly because I met him at a party (the evening ball!), and partly because suggestive names make for better reading for those who DON'T know whom I'm referring to.

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