Attempted Robbery

Someone just tried to break into my condo in broad daylight while Stevie and I were both home.

Embarrassing thing is, he got the window open while I was awake and in the room. It was 11 am on a Monday and I was on the phone with Pam at the time:

Pam: Thai, are you sleeping?

Me: No, I just woke up. The people next door are doing some sort of work outside. There’s a hose out there and sometimes they do yardwork. They’re being really loud this morning though!

…I’m almost too embarrassed to tell that to the police.

My mom says I’m lucky the guy didn’t jump through the window while I was on the phone and strangled me. And then Pam would have heard: “He-argghlksdfldhfihdf!!!”

Pam: Thai, quit messing around. (lol)

Investigators said they'll call within a week to update us. I'm not really expecting they'll catch someone. I've become more paranoid coming home late now.


Gauss Jordan said...

Uh, yikes? A friend's place was broken into while we were out at a bar -- he bought a cheap-ish alarm, and when they broken in *again* a few weeks later the vandals *found* his alarm, disabled it, and then stole it too with a few other things they didn't get on their first visit.

All during broad daylight... It made me think twice about my alarm...

Rob said...

It seems this has not been a good couple of weeks for you. At least he did not steal stuff but you have to be careful in your neighborhood I guess.

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