Drunk Driving

Don’t drink and drive.

A car ran the light while I was going through an intersection. Boom. Feet off the gears, hands off the wheel. Floated across the street. Police lights flashing.

The OnStar program responded faster to the situation than I did. “We have just received notice that your vehicle’s airbag was depoyed. Are you hurt? Would you like us to call medical assistance?”

I didn’t know where the voices were coming from at first. I thought I’d died.

“Are you okay?” A guy outside the window. “I’m your witness, I saw everything. He ran the light, it’s not your fault.”

Calling Mom. “Something awful’s happened, Mom, please, come quick. No, I’m not hurt, just please, come quick.”


It’s not for sure, but we’re pretty certain the driver who hit me was drunk or otherwise incapacitated. The officer told him to get lost and take a cab home after the paperwork was done. He admitted fault on the spot. His car could run (unlike mine), but he was told to leave it there. His girlfriend had to lean against a tree for support.

Mom insists I see a doctor tomorrow. More for insurance purposes though. I’m shaken up, but there’s no physical damage.


barney. said...

oh my god! this has not been your month has it? are you ok? :(

Gauss Jordan said...

Yikes. Good luck, and feel better. You should definitely see a doctor. We got rear-ended a while ago, and while I seemed fine, then next day I felt sore in completely random places.

Rob said...

Ugh ... sorry to hear you had the bad luck to be in an accident. Do get checked and I hope all is well. Hug.

Luuworld said...

that's horrible. hope you are ok!

Best Fiction said...

Thanks, everyone, for your concern.

I went to see a doctor the morning after the accident and everything turned out to be fine. A few days later and still no sign of the post-accident pain everyone else seems to have experienced!

My court date is for next month. Currently my car is in the shop, waiting a proper estimate. I can't wait until I can get my university public transportation pass now that I don't have my car though!

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