Tata Young - New Single - Ready for Love PV

Tata Young is Thailand’s debutante on the international music scene. The daughter of a Thai woman and an American man, she broke records in her homeland when she debuted at age 14, selling 1 million copies in less than five months and earning herself the title of “Golden Girl.”

In 2004, she signed with Columbia Records, a label she likes to remind everyone she shares with singers like Beyonce. Since then she’s released two English albums that have made her a star throughout the Asia-Pacific region, with her largest fanbase (she claims) in Japan. Preliminary news stated her third album would focus on targeting European and Australian markets.

So does the much-awaited new single live up to its hype?

“Ready for Love” has a sound that took me completely by surprise. I was expecting a sexy dance track with suggestive lyrics like her past debut singles - this is the girl who gave us "Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy," after all. “Ready,” however, is rather, well, wholesome. This is a happy-go-lucky pop song, no doubt.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s all that catchy. The melody isn’t something that sticks with you, and I feel like it’s a rip-off of some other song I can’t quite put my finger on. (She also tries to be gangsta in the bridge. Not sure how I feel about that…)

A word about the video itself: I don’t like the bit with Tata in the hair salon (ala Namie Amuro’s PV “New Look.”) She’s there, gossiping with her girls, and then gets a new hairstyle. That’s so…boring. It’s like the video was establishing a plot but, no, Tata just wants new hair to show everyone.

So will the single do well? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I have to look up more details about the album, like its release date, but I’m hoping for a catchier second single.


Devon said...

i love tata young. sexy naughty bitchy was a good one. hahahaha

Miles said...

The song strikes me as something a recent American idol winner would release. It's alright, pretty noisy actually, but bland. I thought that the rap portion had the potential to save the song, but it ended up being pretty lazy.

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