The Pharm School Question

Last week my friend "P" was wait-listed for the pharm school of her dreams. This is frustrating enough in itself, but especially so because she's number 30 out of, I believe, two hundred - so close and yet so far away.

I posed the question, "Will this school admit P for the coming fall semester?" and charged card 26, "The Book," to represent education.

Here are the cards I pulled from left to right:

14 - The Fox
29 - The Lady
23 - The Mice
26 - The Book
12 - The Birds
06 - The Clouds
22 - The Paths


Fox + Lady:  A woman applicant, an interviewee. This is self-explanatory.
Lady + Mice: The Mice have a weakening effect on the cards around it. The woman was undermined in some way; perhaps her credentials were not as exemplary as she hoped.
Mice + Book: This resulted in her wait-listing. (Obviously.)
Book + Birds: A message or new information concerning school matters.
Birds + Clouds: "When clouds appear, trouble is near." Instead of bringing clarity, the messages will create further confusion. Ambiguous or conflicting information. Muddled thoughts in general.
Clouds + Paths: When things clear up, there will be alternatives. A crossroads, decisions.


One thing I noticed about this reading is that although the cards don't actually say "no," they don't clearly say "yes" either. Given the emphasis on alternatives at the end of the reading, I would say the cards lean closer towards a negative answer.

I believe P will end up with more options to consider than she  has right now, or perhaps more than she is currently aware of. Information - both in tangible, official forms (emails, letters) as well as advice and hearsay - will complicate the mix, and she will have a lot to sort through. However, after an initial hiatus she will have plenty of ways to go, so a dead-end or stalemate is unlikely. Overall, this reading encourages open-mindedness,  considering many possibilities, and having Plan Bs. Flexibility is key.

Update  04/14: The day after this reading, my friend received an acceptance letter from another graduate school. She now was two schools ready to take her, while still on the wait-list at her preferred university.

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